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Project Overview

Hygea is an app where users book residential cleaning services by selecting the most suitable cleaner available. After the scope was fleshed out by the team's BA, I was responsible for all UI/UX across the project.


  • Conduct creative workshop to create user personas requirements for branding
  • Sitemapping
  • Wireframing
  • High Fidelity Designs

Creative Workshop

I first conducted a creative workshop with the client to understand their vision for the app, create personas and to align on the design process that we would be employing.

Style & Tone

We decided on what the visual style and tone of the app should be. We landed on a very fun, vibrant and approachable look and feel and a friendly tone. It was important to strike a balance between friendly and professional as trust would be an important factor when hiring cleaners.


The app would allow users to sign up as a cleaner or a customer, so it was important that we create personas for these two user types. We looked at different factors to inform the personas such as; gender, age, environment, tools that they currently use and their goals and motivations.


After creating a sitemap to inform the navigation within the app, using the user stories as a guide, I proceeded to wireframe most of the screens within the app

High Fidelity Designs

Focusing On The Customer

Given that Hygea is a two-sided marketplace, both customer and cleaner experience needs to be considered. I prioritised and focused the experience for customers. Given that they are the ones paying for the service and the ones that initiate the cleaning process, it's important to make their experience as frictionless as possible. This meant focusing prompts around booking a cleaner. I also delayed account creation for them until they are ready to confirm a booking. This removes friction and reducing the time in which customers experience value within the product.

Making Booking Fun

The client wanted the app to very approachable and fun. Given that users may have hesitations around inviting cleaners to their house, this approach would help users feel more comfortable. I achieved this look and feel with a vibrant blue and fun illustrations.

A Clear Status

It was very important to make sure that customers have no confusion around the status of their booking. Whether it was pending, scheduled, completed or disputed. I made these status quickly visible with the use of distinct colours for the booking statuses.

Easy Sign Up

To ensure that cleaners listed on Hygea meet all requirements, there is quite a lot of information that needs to be provided by them. I made sure to include things that would make this process as easy as possible. I included a screen prior to the cleaner sign up flow that lists what information prospective cleaners need in order to sign up. This ensures that they can complete it all at once and all removes uncertainty from users whether or not they meet the requirements. Using a progress indicator also communicates how many steps there are and encourages them to complete each step.


I enjoyed working on this project because specific considerations I had to make around both the customer and cleaner user type. The personas that the client and I created during the creative workshop were invaluable for this. The vibrant visual style that had to strike a balance between friendly and professional was also an enjoyable challenge.
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