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UI/UX Design
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Project Overview

Keyvision is a property management platform designed to fit the needs of any type of large property. The client had provided information such as personas and had already completed most of the designs for the mobile app prior and now needed to complete the web experience for admins and other user roles. This project was massive with 373 user stories created by our BA. Keyvision is currently being used by large apartment complexes in Melbourne’s CBD such as Prima Tower.


  • User Personas
  • Sitemapping
  • Core Designs
  • High Fidelity Designs


For this project the client provided detailed user personas which correspond with the role types that would be available within the platform. These included; Admins, Building Managers, Landlords, Contractors and Tenants. These were used to inform the user stories that were created by our BA and subsequent designs.


For such a massive project, it’s important to layout the overall structure of the platform before commiting to higher fidelity designs. Laying everything out in one place also highlighted where some features that had been missed. We made amendments to the user stories to include these.

Core Designs

Before diving in to designing all the screens, I first designed a handful screens for the client to approve that I would use to inform the design of the rest of the screens. An important feature of the product was the ability to customise the UI to match the properties branding. I provided 5 core screen designs in two different styles to demonstrate this.
The client gave feedback around navigation and minor details that would make the UI match the mobile app designs created previously more closely.

High Fidelity Designs

For the rest of the screens, we worked through section by section throughout the entire product. Using the user stories as a guide, I would design and receive feedback from the client, continuously iterating.

Standard User

Project Overview

Help Desk

All Standard User Screens

Admin User

Project Reports

All Admin Screens


This project is the largest and most complex project I had ever worked on. A challenge I faced was ensuring such a feature rich product was easy to use. I made sure that the features that were the most important for that user role were easily accessible. Features not needed as much by certain users were not as prominent and when not necessary at, not accessible. Employing well structured hierarchy and limiting information resulted in a feature rich product that was easy to use.